The Artist

Pearl Gan is a Singapore-based photographer and her passion is drawn toward black and white street and portraiture photography. Her photographic art is based on her eye for composition and character as experienced by the people she sees in her daily life both at home and abroad.

Pearl’s ambition is to channel the flow and energy of her subject’s experience to her audience. Her work explores the forces that shape an individual’s identity under diverse conditions and environments. Through the use of photographic media, she hopes to channel her life experiences to create timeless works of art. Her photographic world is the unspoken visual representations of her feelings and her experiences. Her artwork gives form to the intangible elements of the human condition. By capturing these emotions in her work, they become liberated from time and space. Pearl hopes that her subjects speak directly to her audience – by connecting what we share and connect as humans across the world.

It is a personal way to look at what is being lost and reinventing a space where the past comes back to life. There are times when she focuses on a place, person or thing that is vanishing and no longer exists, as a homage to her culture. Thereby preserving its beauty and forging a new art form. Her work becomes a reconnection to the past and a way to deal with her self-identity as a Singaporean.